The Unmasking After the Masquerade: Full Eclipse Moon in Sagittarius

Happy, happy Full Moon in Sagittarius and penumbral eclipse. We all may be struggling to find joy in our lives right now. The past few months have felt a lot like the Spanish flu, the roaring 20s, the Great Depression and the beating of racial war drums all converging upon a painfully short time period, a series of events that would otherwise manifest over the course of decades.

I personally always hold out hope that if we tend to our health and the happiness and well-being of our family and friends, we are pretty much guaranteed a certain level of joy and peace regardless of outside circumstances. We like to imagine that money, career, prestige, etc equates to happiness, but we rarely find that to ever be the case. We are clearly being called as a larger collective to acknowledge certain truths and consider the health and happiness of our neighbors on a larger scale as well.

For those of us in the United States, the Full Moon occurs right across the Sibly Asc/DC axis. This axis has been activated time and time again during important events in America. Furthermore, Venus regressed through the Sagittarius 12th part just as widespread protesting and rioting were heating up last week across the country. It occurs to me that an activated Gemini 7th house, in addition to signifying foreign relations, could also signify members of the community who are disenfranchised for any reason, or who feel like foreigners in their own country, such as minorities or members of the LBGTQ+ community.

I bring up the latter group, because a fellow astrologer, the author of the Seven Stars Astrology blog, brought up in one of his posts the correlation between gay rights and the transit of Venus which occurred in 2012. Again, this transit tightly engaged the the Sibly ASC/DC axis. In this respect, the Venus transit dealt with literal issues of marriage, and the issue of marriage as it relates to those excluded from it.

We are not being called to address marital issues now, but we are emphatically being called to consider the very real oppression we would like to ignore or never knew existed. We are being called to bring every member of our family into the fold, and cease treating them like foreigners, inferiors or enemies. (Probably on a micro level, we could generally consider the me versus you dynamic which exists for spouses, given that there is inherent opposition in the union, both practically and astrologically.)

With that said, there is very little that can be said for the Full Moon chart, other than that everyone is weak and no one accomplishes anything, except Mars. He continues to stroke the flames of conflict, by tightly squaring the luminaries.

I can’t do much else with this chart now, due to work and school, but I would encourage you to examine the Full Moon chart against the backdrop of the Sibly chart and the Venus transit chart. There is so much there. The good news is that our marriage laws were ultimately changed to reflect Venusian principles of love and fairness. It is my hope that we make progress with the racial issues that have plagued us since day one.

It is interesting to me that the rulers of the ASC/MC axis of the Sibly chart both occupy the eighth house in Cancer. We managed to achieve an enormous amount of wealth, often at the expense of others, and in stark contrast to the principles our nation was founded on. That is some serious karma.

I would suggest as a personal exercise that we all
examine where we are now on a personal level versus where we were in 2012. The nodes have flipped from Sagittarius to Gemini, so this axis is highly active for more than one reason, but reversed.

Last thing I have to mention in all three of these charts is the distinct lack of fixed sign energy. Other than that, stay safe, stay healthy and stay aware. Hug your kids, cats, dogs, spouses and love your neighbors as yourself, all of them. Not just the ones who look like you, love like you or think like you.

PS….We saw a transit of Venus in December of 1882 in Sagittarius. Just 7 months prior, when Venus was in Gemini, the first piece of legislation restricting immigration in the US was signed, the Chinese Exclusion Act. We always have the opportunity to get it wrong. Let’s not do that.


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