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A discussion blog examing astrology in reference to people and events, both past and current.

  • The Unmasking After the Masquerade: Full Eclipse Moon in Sagittarius
    Happy, happy Full Moon in Sagittarius and penumbral eclipse. We all may be struggling to find joy in our lives right now. The past few months have felt a lot like the Spanish flu, the roaring 20s, the Great Depression and the beating of racial war drums all converging upon a painfully short time period, […]
  • The Lady Is a Tramp: Full Moon in Scorpio
    I toiled over this title for this post a bit, bouncing around different ideas to illustrate the themes of fertility and putrification, creation and destruction, growth and stagnation; all key contrasts in the Taurus/Scorpio opposition narrative. I settled upon this tongue in cheek example of Taurus/Scorpio prinicples at their worst; a lady with a debauched […]
  • All of This Has Happened Before….
    …and it will happen again. As a Sci-fi junkie, I will never miss an opportunity to reference the Reimagined Battlestar Galactica, with all of its esoteric themes. But while this quote is uttered frequently during the course of that series, it does not originate with BSG. It was actually the first laid down by J.M. […]


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